Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Changing Diapers Book: Review & Diaper Giveaway

I really wish this book had been written (and I had known about it) 3.5 years ago, when Monkey was an infant.  I wanted to cloth diaper so badly, but had no idea what my options were.  I didn't know how to get the best use out of the diapers I had, and I did not know how to care for cloth!

The result?  Frustration.  My diapers leaked and I did not like them very well.  I ended up ditching cloth very quickly and settling for disposable diapers.  

Changing Diapers is a fantastic resource for families who are interested in using cloth.  Kelly Wels takes the reader by the hand and walks step by step through a wide world of information!  She helps with understanding types of diapers, caring for cloth, figuring out what you prefer, where to find more information, how to use cloth diapers effectively, and so much more in her nicely illustrated book.

Baby #3 in his first cloth diaper
Who is this book for?  Well, I loved it.  I think the people who will benefit from it the most are those who are struggling with using cloth diapers, are just getting started, or are really just starting to consider diapering options.  This book would be an excellent gift for congratulating a family who has just discovered they are pregnant, or a baby shower... or a new baby gift.

Seriously.. it's that good.  I read my copy and have enjoyed some refreshers and some new information.  I plan to pass it on to my sister in law who is considering cloth.  (I hope she reads it and feels encouraged... I also hope she uses cloth.)

Kelly Wels wants to give one of my readers a cloth diaper!  Yep, for real!  (She would also love it if you took some time to check out her book).  The book is $17.95 - less than a package of disposable diapers!  Any book that saves me money and frustration is definitely worth it!  Don't forget to visit the Changing Diapers webpage.

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  1. I learned that Green Team Enterprises is the publisher