Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yep, totally a boy...

So, on our way out of the church this morning we were discussing what the boys wanted for lunch.

As ALWAYS - the answer was "peanut butter and jelly... with bread".

When we approached the van, I turned in time to see 3 year old, Monkey, crouching down on the black top
and LICKING the ground.

"Yuck, don't like the ground, what are you doing?"  Said the horrified mother (aka - me).

He looked up at me, confused... "But, it Jelly!"



  1. Oh, man! What is it with 3 year-olds and LICKING things?! In the past week, alone, Little Guy was caught licking: grocery cart handle, TV screen, the cat, the wall, and (yes) the floor - the *carpeted, hadn't been vacuumed for two days floor. UGH!
    With all of that, he hasn't tried the ground... yet!