Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ungodly belief #1

Some of you know that Mr. Crum and I are participating in a class through our church called "Restoring the Foundations".  As a part of this class, we are working on identifying ungodly beliefs in our lives and replacing them with truths.  

Ungodly beliefs are words/sayings/beliefs/actions... things that we live by that shape our lives in ways that are contrary to the word of God.  These are often hidden deep within us and hard to identify.  At first I really struggled to pinpoint things that I needed to replace.  Some nights it seems like they just pour out.

I am not going to share all of my ungodly beliefs with the world.  Some of those things come from hurts that other people have inflicted unintentionally and it would be hurtful for me to share about them in a public forum.  Some, however are easier to share.  I would like to share a few of my struggles publicly for 2 main reasons:
#1) I want people to see the "real, raw" me.  In seeing my struggle, I hope that others can search themselves for things that might be keeping them from being the person God wants of them.
#2) Public sharing of some of my struggles is a way to help myself be accountable for my future actions.  If I know that I've shared with friends/family and others about a belief that I am working to change - I can be open with the struggle and seek support more easily.

All that said, I would like to share an ungodly belief that I have been struggling with for MONTHS, and the very strong response that God has given me (repeatedly) when I begin to investigate it.

Ungodly belief: It does not matter what I eat or how active I am.  I am diabetic because it is genetic.  There is nothing I can do to have "regular" blood sugars.

As I've prayed about this, I have gotten this response repeatedly (last night was loud.. yelling.. almost audible)

God's response: I WANT to heal you.

And it's true.  God wants to heal me.  Here's the thing though - he expects action on my part.  I've got to be living as though I am healthy and whole (again, God's word in my life).  I need to be eating WELL and exercising my body.  He WANTS to heal me.. but I have to give him room to do it.


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