Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Taking turns & Sharing

Oi! These boys are going to learn what it means to take turns and to share if it kills me.  

I know, I know - they're 1 & 3.  Monkey understands the words, "share" and "take turns"  but REALLY grasping the concept of "it's someone else's turn" is a struggle.  He is certain that it's his turn when he asks for something and there should be no delay.  

As much as I sometimes find it annoying that he's chasing his brother and trying to get his turn - I get it.

I really understand.  Because - well - here's the thing ... When I'm in line at the grocery, and someone cuts me off (maybe they didnt' see me there), I'm offended.  It was my turn next.  Or sometimes when we go to dinner, I want my boys to "share" a fry or chip.... even when they're not in the mood.  

So, as much as I try to teach my boys what it really means to share and take turns - my actions and responses are painting the true picture for them.  Their actions are just a reflection of what I teach with my own life.

How then do I begin to help them really learn what "share" and "take turns" means?  I have to think before I respond.  I need to respect the people that annoy me.  I might even need to be bold sometimes and tell the person that cuts me off, "excuse me, but I was waiting".  It seems silly to be annoyed at someone that makes me have to wait an extra minute or two - but it's even sillier to be frustrated about it and just stand there.  I want them to learn what it means to take turns, so I need to do my part to take turns.  And when I am frustrated - I need to either do something about it, or let go of my self-centeredness.  Being Christ - like would probably indicate that I need to think of that other person and his needs first.

My boys, they'll learn turn taking and sharing.  I know it.  It takes time and a good example.  We'll all get there.

Thank you, Monkey, for giving me reason to think about these problems this morning.

How do you teach the skills of taking turns and sharing?


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