Thursday, December 23, 2010

And back to Gluten Free

I did a good job at keeping Manasseh on a gluten free diet for about a week.  He had no trouble with his belly that week.  Then I got lax and after a few days of mama being lax about gluten, he started in with belly troubles.  He just cries and cries when I have to change his diaper, and he doesn't want to wear underwear because he can't control his body right now.  Ugh!  So here it is, 2 days before Christmas, and I'm putting my 2 year old back on a diet.  This is NOT going to be fun to deal with over the next 2 weeks as we're traveling and in and out of family activities.  Have I mentioned that my dad's family is Ukrainian and we love gluten?  Breads, cookies, pastries of all sorts... Not sure how I'll deal with that yet on New Year's Day!  Does anyone have suggestions about how to help him through the holidays?


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