Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Preparing for the Holidays

Everyone knows that the holiday time is busy.  I still have not figured out why we try and pack 3 big holidays in just over a month instead of spreading them out over the year.  We get so caught up in all that there is to be done that we forget to slow down and remember why the holidays are celebrated.  I am guilty of that every year.  I am so excited, not by the presents and lights (but I like those too).  I am excited about time with my family.  The years that I am unable to attend every family holiday function, I am sad.  Really.  I LOVE my family.

We are fortunate that Randy's family is smaller than mine, so it is easier to schedule with them - they are very flexible because they just want to make sure we can all get together.  So this year we are going to be traveling about to see our family, with day trips, and maybe a couple of over-nights.

What does this have to do with preparing?  Here it is - I have to get ready, I don't mean that I have to buy presents and wrap things and cook and write cards... although, maybe I should do some of that.  I have a long list of things that I would like to get done before Christmas Eve - that is Friday, today is Wednesday - I realized last night that there is no way I will possibly finish everything on my mental to-do list.  So I have started to prioritize.

As I take a break from cleaning the kitchen and washing laundry, I am thinking about Jesus.  Yep, him again.  I've been reading a great book about what it really means to follow Christ.  David Platt writes about truly following God by taking Jesus at his word.  Oi, I know I'm guilty of twisting it to fit my needs.  I will be writing a review of that book just as soon as I finish it - this is not a book review.  This is me, getting my heart and mind ready for worship.

There, I said it.  Worship.  That is what I need to do, that is what I need to prepare for.  I can't worship when I'm worried about all that needs to be done.  Boy do I wish I could.  I CAN worship while I do laundry and sweep and take out the dog, and even change nasty diapers.  Because I can do these things without worrying.  I spend too much time and energy making to-do lists in my head (and on my computer).

Thank you God for sending your son as a sacrifice.  The price for all of my short-fallings.  The price for all of the times that I choose not to love you.  I can not imagine sending my baby in to this cruel world by himself with the knowledge that he would become the atonement for the same people who were cruel to him.  God, I don't know how you did it.  Thank you.  I am sorry for the times that I choose not to love you.  I am trying to learn how to follow your direction more completely and share my love for you more fully.  Help me to slow down in the midst of my holiday hustle and see your face.  Let me show my boys that you are there, in the middle of the business that we wrap ourselves up in.  God, I want to be your hands and feet to my friends and family, not just for the holiday season, but for the coming year (and even after that).  I love you.  JC


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