Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking Back: 2010

January 7 was a day with heavy snowfall.  We were scheduled to arrive at DuPont Hospital that evening to prepare for the induction of our baby boy, who did not have a name.  It took 3 hours to get from Goshen to Fort Wayne, and we had to drop Manasseh off before we got to the hospital.  (Thanks again Lem and Deb).  Our bundle of joy arrived at 8:03 on Friday, January 8 (3 minutes after my sister called to check in on us).
Cassius Jackson

We were quickly transformed into a family of 6.  Cassius brought with him scary medical diagnosis and a lot of questions.  We spent his first 11 days together in various hospitals.

February brought a huge blessing - our new house.  Thanks to our tax return and savings, we were able to (mostly) buy a house in Fort Wayne.  The big boys were excited about our move, which we expected to take place over the summer, unless our Goshen house sold.  (for the record, it's still for sale).
The New House

March was a sad time for our family.  One of our big boys had to be moved to a new placement.  We still miss him, but get to talk with him regularly, and visit him about once a month.

April was spring break month!  We visited with family and friends, and spent a few days at the new house.  We had a great spring break week.
Children's Museum, Spring Break

May was the end of school for the year.  Our belongings were largely moved to the new house.  Randy had not yet found a new job, but was finishing the job in Elkhart.  What a scary time.

June was amazing.  We went to Sunset Beach, NC with my parents, my sister and brother in law, an 11 year old, and 5 children under 5 years old!  (2 were infants).  After we returned, our big boy went to science camp and we spent the week finishing our move.
on the way to the beach!

In July we rented our house in Goshen.  Manasseh turned 2.  We had a lot of family time (because Randy still did not have a job).

In August, our second big boy moved on to a new home.  Randy found a temporary job, and the little boys and I worked on settling into our new reality.

September was a great month for us, we enjoyed the changing seasons, the warmth of the sun on hot days, and the coolness of the wind and changing colors.  We took some time for walking around the neighborhood and attending a couple of neighborhood events.

exploring nature
October was our 3rd anniversary!  We took the boys to Hoosier National Forest for a weekend of camping.  The boys enjoyed Halloween festivities.  We played with the leaves, a lot!

November was cold!  I started attending the new "Mom Time" group at church - and LOVE IT.  Great fellowship with great ladies.  Thanksgiving was an amazing time with family.  Cassius had surgery on his eyes to fix their crossing.  Randy started working full time for Buckhorn the same day!

Now it is December and the snow has settled, I think it is here to stay for the next few months.  We are looking forward to Christmas with our fun little family.


  1. I still say you should have let Randy answer the phone when I called! I could have been there in spirit...or over the phone lines...for his birth! That would have been something to tell him about later on! :) Glad you brought the little sweetie into our family!