Thursday, December 9, 2010

It was a good day, and then...

We had a great morning.  The boys slept in until 8 (I hate admitting that 8am is sleeping in).  They had fantastic fruit and yogurt for breakfast and played all morning.  Mama got some cleaning done.  Manasseh watched about the first 5 minutes of the movie Cars.  Then it was lunch time.  These guys loved their lunch today (so did mama).

Manasseh's lunch - cheese quesedillas, salsa, frozen veggies, black beans

Manasseh was especially excited about the black beans

After lunch is always nap.  For the record, the 11 month old and the 29 month old in my house are both suddenly quite opposed to napping.  They fought, but were asleep within an hour.  Then they woke up, 2 hours later - an hour earlier than usual.  No problem, that gave mama more motivation to clean.  I decided that I would let them have a bath this afternoon, always a fun time.  They love baths!  So I started some water on the stove while I did dishes.  Yes, water on the stove, no, our hot water does not work... still.  That's another story.  I dumped the first pot of water in the tub, closed the door to keep the boys out, and went back to the stove with the next pot.  When it was ready, I went to open the bathroom door ( because it's not a good idea to open doors while holding hot water ).  It was locked.  LOCKED.

Our bathroom has a little slide lock, it's not the kind of lock that you can pick with a screwdriver or a hanger, not even a hair barrette!  It opens in, so the hinges were on the opposite side of the door from me.  I could not find a flat screwdriver anywhere (there is one in the bathroom medicine cabinet).  I eventually found a baby spoon with a small flat end and used it to unscrew the tiny screws in the door knob that connect it to the door... and THEN I discovered the third screw, on the side of the knob.  The side that faces the door jam... the door jam that is against a wall and I can't get to it to unscrew. 

So, 3 hours before Randy gets home from work, I have to go to the bathroom, and Manasseh has pooped in his underwear.. YUCK.  I changed Manasseh, which was an ordeal in itself (my floors won't be the same).  I found a screwdriver bit and decided to try using that on this third screw (to no avail).  Manasseh sat on my lap and used the spoon as a "key" (trying to help me).  I don't know what happened, but somehow as I continued to wiggle the door and the knob, it popped loose... it did not unlock, but it opened. 

Day saved!


  1. i thought your boys locked themselves in the bathroom until i read that nasa helped you... whew...

  2. hah, no.. I think he might have been able to figure out how to unlock it, not sure though.