Friday, December 17, 2010

Miracle Man

On January 8, 2010 or miracle man came into being.  While this is not entirely true (he had been "baking" for about 8 months).  He appeared nice and healthy when he was born, but before we left the hospital, he started showing signs of some trouble.

We ended up taking him back to the hospital (twice) and spending his first 11 days in a combination of 3 different hospitals, trying to take care of his jaundice, and figure out why he could not hold his temperature steady.

While we were trying to figure out why he was so cold, they did an MRI to check for brain infection.  He had no infection, but they did discover that he had a considerable amount of brain damage.  Still no one knows why.  The neurologist was grim about his future.  We learned that he should have a hard time learning to balance enough to sit, crawl, stand, walk... and who knows what other struggles he might have because of his brain damage.

This boy is amazing (his new neurologist said so).  They determined that he did have a stroke some time before the MRI (at about 9 days), probably before he was even born.  He is in physical therapy with the First Steps program, just to make sure he reaches developmental milestones.

He is almost 1 year old and he sits, crawls, stands (holding on), is starting to cruise along furniture, he is starting to talk (hi, mama, mmmm...).

His eyes started crossing in August, he just had surgery for that, he is recovering amazingly.  This boy is a miracle.  We can see God through him every day. 

Thank you Jesus!


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