Saturday, December 11, 2010

Noggin, Growls, and Sweet Kisses

What a way to start the weekend.  I love that Manasseh likes to snuggle up in our bed.  I just wish it did not happen in the middle of the night, almost every night.  In spite of the crowdedness (is that a word?), it issweet to have his little warm head on my arm while he snoozes.

Like so many good 2 year olds, this boy has learned to growl!  He loves growling, for any reason.  This morning, as we woke, he gave sweet smooches to mama and daddy.  Then leaned over us and growled for a while.  When he had finished growling, he gave us both some "noggin" (this is where you bump foreheads together).  More smooches, and finally, he was ready to get out of bed.

What a fun waking ceremony it was.  Rich with 2 year old style love!
Thank yo Nas for a good wake-up!


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