Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Claus, Friend of Jesus?

This week my boys had the honor of seeing Santa Claus, twice!  Now, neither of these meetings was planned, but Manasseh was thrilled.  He has NO idea what Santa Claus is or what he has to do with Christmas.  Or even that Christmas is 11 days away.  OR that he's supposed to get presents for Christmas.  I am sure he will figure those things out soon enough.  I am so eager to help my boys experience the magic of the Christmas season that sometimes I forget to stop and make sure they know what it's all about. 

Today we saw the Santa at Riley Children's Hospital.  It was not planned, we just happened to walk in the door where he was stationed.  Manasseh was super excited, he sat on Santa's lap (he did not say anything, I don't think he has any idea what to say to Santa), and this Santa gave him 2 TY Beanie Babies, and a little one for Cassius.  While I registered Cash for his lab tests, Manasseh snuck back into the hallway and went straight to Santa.  Now, I think he just likes it that there is a character whom he recognizes.  If it were Dora or Larry the Cucumber or Woody, he would be the same way, I'm sure of that.  But that bothers me.

You see, if Manasseh saw someone in a Jesus costume walking down the hallway, he would keep going.  I'm not saying I want my kids to sit on some man's lap and smile at him and tell him how glad he is that he's there to see them.  I guess, I just realize the lack of biblical education that my children are getting right now.  It really bothers me, and you know what?  It's my own fault! 

So, in my house, I am pretty sure that Santa is NOT a friend of Jesus.  Neither are Bob the Tomato, or Lightening McQueen.  These things get in the way of Jesus in our house.  Bummer.  What do we need to do about this?  Well, for starters, in our house - we have to be more intentional about the stories our kids hear, and the activities they participate in.  Okay, not just the kids, but the parents!

What's my conclusion?  Just this:  I have to be intentional about leading my children toward an understanding of the Bible story.  I have to be intentional about limiting or eliminating the things that get in our way!


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