Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hold Firm, and Be Ready

God's word for me this week is "Hold firm and be ready".  I believe this command is in relation to my ministry call.  God is telling me to prepare myself by updating my resume, growing in prayer and faith, practicing spiritual disciplines, and reading the Bible more.  He wants me to grow in the fulness of his love.  God desires that Ilive in complete devotion to him and it hurts him when my attention is elsewhere.

He also wants me to be ready at a moment's notice.  That is what it will feel like when my call comes to fruition.  When he activates me in a place of full time service within the church.

God, let your will be my will today and always.  Help me to love you more, beginning this moment.  Let me recognize and act when things get in the way of my love for you.  Grant me the strength to hold firm, the desire to grow, and the patience to be always ready.  Amen.


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