Monday, December 27, 2010


This morning health is on my mind.  My health, the health of my family and of my friends.  See, there are a lot of health needs out there and it seems like there are more all of the time.  Maybe that's just because I'm getting older.  Unfortunately there is little that I can offer to anyone, other than prayer and support.  Prayer is a huge thing though and amazing things happen because of prayer.

I am making a commitment right now to pray this year for the health of my friends and family.  If you have health needs that I know about, you are on my list.  (You are likely on  my list anyway).  Without mentioning names, here are a few of the needs that are on my list:

A baby with failure to thrive who is struggling to maintain a healthy weight.
A family member with diabetes and many other health concerns.
My own diabetes, which is currently out of control and needs to change.
A friend with digestion problems who is on an IV just to get enough nutrition to get by.
A friend that is pregnant and sick.
A friend with Chiari.
My little boy with long stretches of diarrhea, and speech difficulties.
My little boy with developmental challenges (who is doing amazingly).
Someone who has recently found out they are pregnant.
A former coworker with some big physical challenges.
A family member with early signs of MS.
A little boy whose skull needs to be reshaped.
A friend with MS.

There are more.  There is some big stuff going on in some people that I love dearly.  God cares, and listens when his people pray.  Please join me in praying for the health of friends and loved ones this year. 


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