Friday, December 7, 2012

Mommy Lesson #17: Never Poop

It's been months since I shared a mommy lesson.  They all come from my personal experience... here's our experience of today.

The story:
Today we had school time.  The boys ADORE school time, and I love it that it keeps them busy, learning, and not dumping legos all over the floor.  Manasseh's lesson included some cutting and gluing.  He did a FANTASTIC job.  Suddenly, I had a belly ache.  I HAD to poop and RIGHT NOW.  I left the boys to do their work and implored them to go upstairs after they finished the next task.

They did not.

When I returned from my private time, I discovered this:

Oh yes... the dreaded self-haircut.  I suppose that it's "normal" for preschoolers to do this.. but well, this mama LOVES her boy's hair.  

What I learned: Even in an emergency situation, stop to grab the scissors.

This morning


Now "I don't like the clippers"

I think he learned a lesson too.  He cried the whole time I used the clippers.  He didn't like the way it felt or the hair all over his body.  Oi, let's hope the next 2 don't find scissors too.


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