Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teaching Preschoolers about Hope


Teaching kids about hope can be overwhelming.  Especially when you have preschool aged boys with a lot of extra energy!  We've spent some time preparing together for how to break down the BIG topic of biblical hope to teach to our little men.  Their little minds can't fully grasp what it means to have hope for the future - but they can understand in general what hope means.

Today we took a trip to one of their favorite store with a notebook and pen, and 2 little boys with a lot of "wishes" on their minds.  We helped them write out lists of things they would like to have.  Manasseh's list seems to be growing faster than I can follow.  He likes gadgets.  They had a great time pushing buttons and daydreaming about neat toys.

At dinner we sat down to light our first advent candle, the candle of Hope.  We shared a devotion, sang a song, and pulled out their wish lists.  It is only a little bit of what hope means, but something they can grasp clearly.  We talked about their lists, the things they hope for - what they really want.  Then we shared about the nation of Israel waiting for the promised king, their savior.  We talked about what that must have felt like.  How does it feel to wait for the things on your wish list?  (Exciting, happy, and fun).  We added words like impatient, difficult, and peaceful. 

As we shared the candle of hope, we talked about our future hopes.  We hope in God.  We know that he's got our backs.  He has good plans for us even when we have bad days.

Hope is still a huge concept, but our boys have gotten a taste of what it means.  

What do you do to teach about hope with your children?


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