Thursday, December 20, 2012

Money, We like it

Okay, so who doesn't like money?  It helps us get the "stuff" we enjoy - new clothes, heat in our homes, food for the table, fancy televisions, the list goes on.  We like money.  Even more than we like money itself, we like spending money.  And even more than that - we like knowing that we have the money to spend.

We do not like worrying about whether or not we will be able to pay the bills, how we will scrape together enough food in the pantry for the next meal, whether someone at the power company will listen kindly and help us out in our troubles.

Honestly, in our 5+ years of marriage, we've been on both sides of this.  At times we have chosen to go into debt just so we could scrape by for a few months.  We went in search of credit cards that would allow us just a little bit of wiggle room until we could pay them off because our situation had changed.  Other times we have had an abundance of money - we were able to buy a house almost entirely with cash on hand.  It was a very cheap house - but we own it outright, no threat of foreclosure, no mortgage.... but then.. there's that other house that we still, after 5.5 years have not been able to sell.

Our life is an adventure, a roller coaster at times.  Usually the stresses are brought on entirely by ourselves.   I've heard it said that finances are one of the biggest causes of stress on a marriage.  I believe it is likely the truth.  I also believe I am incredibly lucky to be married to Randy.  I get very stressed about finances, but he has helped me to learn not to make it the focal point of my day.  We will make it through to a better place.  We have time and time again.  We will again in the near future.

That's right, we are not in the best financial place right now.  We are making it work though and once we're through the next 2 weeks, we will be on the up side again - I think.

We have decided that we are going to take an opportunity to attend Financial Peace University.  Now, I am not looking for the way to become a millionaire.  I just want some wisdom about how to better manage our lives so that we do not consistently find ourselves in this predicament.  I've known several people who have attended Dave Ramsey's courses and have gleaned a lot of wisdom from them, that we already put into practice.  But I want to look at money in a new way.  I don't want to live as a slave to money, but know how to make money work for me.  That's the way it should be, right?

I hope to share some of our success with you in the future.  We start January 9, the day after Cassius turns 3.  We're looking forward to this step in our life adventure.

Have you had an experience with FPU that you can share?  Has it made a positive difference in your life?  Do you have a negative opinion about it after having taken the course?  Please leave comments in the box below.

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  1. I haven't taken any Dave Ramsey courses, but I am somewhat familiar with what he teaches and we follow many, if not most, of his principles. What I can say is that I find that this approach to money is so freeing. I LOVE having a budget, even though I'm not naturally a planner or a detail person. I love knowing where our money is coming from and going to. And when we budget we have the freedom to save and to give, which gives us great joy!