Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for a Busy Mama

I don't know about how things work in your family, but it seems like at my home, my husband tends to struggle with ideas about what kinds of gifts he wants to give on special occasions.  Seriously, I'm not picky.  I just like to know that he thought of me enough to pick something out.  I do know that sometimes he has amazing, complex ideas that just don't work out.

I decided to make a list of ideas for my husband and any others looking for great ideas for their loved ones.  Please leave a comment below telling me a fantastic addition to this list.

* Exercise Videos

* Homemade Dinner

* A Live Plant

* A Simple Date (hiking or a fire on the patio)

* Photos of the Kids

* Hobby Supplies

*Hand Crafted Jewelry (think Etsy)

* Coffee and a favorite creamer

* A Tshirt from someplace significant to your story


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