Thursday, January 3, 2013

Closing the Holidays with Starbucks Holiday Blend

January 2-7 is "the between time" for me.  It is after we have FINALLY finished our Christmas festivities and before we celebrate our middle son's birthday.  It's true that for us the Christmas holidays start before December 25 and end promptly on January 1 as we leave "the club" where we gather with our extended family.  This is a picture of my living room yesterday morning, January 2, after trips out of town with enough time to unload and reload the van in between.  YIKES!!
Yikes! This is the aftermath of Christmas adventures, everything just got dumped in the living room.
So naturally, I chose the wise path.  I decided to spend some time relaxing before getting to work.  I made a pot of coffee, kicked back with some cinnamon rolls, and allowed myself to have some peaceful quiet time before tackling the living room (which right now is *mostly* clean).
Instagram photo - Cinnamon Rolls and Starbucks Holiday Blend: Delicious Pairing!
Do you know how wonderful it is to sit back with a cup of Starbucks Holiday Blend and a plate of The Bakery Cinnamon Rolls?  The flavors melt together in my mouth and tickle my taste buds.  I seriously could have stayed at the table all morning, finishing an entire pot of coffee and the whole container of tasty treats!  Starbucks recommends the Holiday Blend coffee with flavors like ginger, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and cloves.

The Starbucks Delicious Pairings Display at Walmart Bakery.  Check out my shopping experience here.
By itself Starbucks Holiday Blend has a fantastic bold flavor that warms me when I return from the winter blahs outside.  It is COLD in Indiana right now and there is a lot of snow around here!  (I love it).  Starbucks describes it as "spicy and sweet with hints of comfort and joy".  I took a bag of this coffee to share with our family over the Christmas celebrations because I just couldn't wait to try it out.  Before it even finished brewing someone in the other room was talking about how good it smelled.  The first couple of pots were gone very quickly!  
My coffee is almost done, Donald is waiting for a pick me up!  #DeliciouisPairing
I rarely shop at Starbucks, although I love their drinks.  I love it that I can bring Starbucks coffees home with me to brew in the comfort of my dining room.  I also am glad for the lower price of brewing at home!  I shared earlier in the week about my goals for 2013 - how does this help me reach them?  Brewing at home helps me save money.  Cinnamon rolls, while not the healthiest breakfast, help me with reducing activity - I did not have to do a thing to prepare breakfast other than open the package!  2 cheers for cinnamon rolls and Starbucks!

Starbucks Holiday Blend
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  1. Your living room looks a lot like ours did at Christmas. Crazy how kids can do that, right!?

  2. It makes me crazy - before I had kids my house was clean all of the time... I miss cleanliness.