Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Wholly Guacamole #GetMoving2013

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, gets me moving like good, healthy food.  Having the right balance of foods in my diet helps me maintain my energy and last through the day.  One of my very favorite foods has agreed to help keep one of my readers moving this winter with a prize package just for you! 

Meet the Wholly family!
It's true, I love Wholly products.  Their salsas are as fantastic as the guacamole.  When I say that you ought to know, I am extremely picky about salsa, I eat very little salsa.  I love their red pepper mango salsa the best and I don't eat mangoes - I think they are disgusting.. in Wholly Salsa, however.. WOW!

This Monday I shared that I am starting to calorie count.  I love it that Wholly Guacamole offers a fantastic variety of 100 calorie snack packs.  Check out this fantastic snack I had today!  Avocado Ranch from the 100 Calorie pack and some fantastic veggies.  Okay, the truth is: my 1 year old stole most of my Avocado Ranch pack, so I used Spicy Guacamole from another 100 cal pack!  It was all so delicious. 

Do you want to know why I love Wholly Guacamole so much?  I love it that I can read all of the words on the packaging.  I can go pick everything up at the store and try to make my own guacamole.  I have tried, however, and I just can't compete with their recipes.  The other reason I absolutely love Wholly products?  The flavor is amazing.  I have not found a Wholly product that I wouldn't share with all of my friends and family.  Believe me, I share them whenever I get the chance, I think they are that great.

This is what happens when we run out of guacamole.  I wish I were joking.  This is Azariah, immediately after finishing the 100 Calorie pack of Avocado ranch 15 minutes ago.  He was very angry, he wanted more!  I'm so thankful for kids that like healthy food!

Do you want to win a prize package of Wholly Guacamole?  1 reader will receive it as part of the Get Moving prize package - the Get Moving event starts January 17!  2 more readers will have an opportunity to win prize packages in the very near future.  Keep your eyes open for information about upcoming giveaways!

Are you familiar with Wholly products?  What is your favorite way to use salsa or guacamole?  Do you share these foods with friends and family?

***Disclaimer: I received a product or products for the purpose of review.  All opinions expressed are my own***


  1. The wholly guacamole tiny packs/100 packs are perfect for lunches, and splendid with pita chips and carrots!

  2. Oh, I haven't had pita chips for so long. You make me wish it were warmer out and I could throw the boys in a stroller to head to the grocery right now!

  3. We have tried them....SUPER TASTY

  4. LOL. My son loves wholly guacamole too. That picture is so cute.

  5. guacamole in soft tacos and crunchy taco salads!!! :D

  6. I love guacamole! Our daughter makes some awesome guacamole! Haven't tried these yet though!

  7. We love guacamole here! We will eat it with just about anything! Tacos, chips, by itself! :-)