Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Number 2 is 3!

Today we celebrate the life of our precious Cassius!  You bring laughter into our life ever day.  We are so proud of the man you are becoming already.  An overcomer, a learner, a strong young man with amazing faith.  We are thankful for all that you bring to our family.  You are a blessing!
Chili faced Cash after his birthday dinner.

He was content with his small car cake (mama is not a cake decorator).  We laughed when he pulled the "bubble wrap" out of his present - he would have been happy if that was all we had given him.  Then he pulled out the Bilibo and immediately put it on his head.  We had a fun time trying out many of the possibilities that the Bilibo offers for imagination!  I think he had a good birthday.


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