Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How I lost 6 pounds OVERNIGHT #Mamavation

Wow.  I wish I was exaggerating.  Yesterday morning I was 6 pounds heavier than this morning.  I was stunned today when I stepped on the scale and noted the difference.  I plan to continue doing the same things today that I did yesterday, but I cannot imagine it will make that great a difference today.

What did I do to lost 6 pounds overnight?  I think the key was my increased consumption of water - not flavored, not coffeed, not changed in any way.  I had about 11 cups of regular, cold tap water.  That's approximately 88 ounces of water.  For the purpose of weight loss, my ultimate goal is 12 cups a day right now, maybe I'll make it today.

Water is not the only thing I changed.  I started using MyFitnessPal for counting calories.  I am curious about what I'm consuming, I'll tell you what - if you've never counted calories - it's enlightening.  I also worked toward exercise goals yesterday.  I walked and biked for a combined total or 40 minutes cardio work.  I hope to get to the gym tonight to do more strength training.

That's it - I drank a lot of water, tracked my calories, and exercised. 

Oh, and snacked a lot on carrots and celery because, well, they're tasty.

What are your best weight loss tips?


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