Saturday, January 5, 2013

Countdown to Easter: Week 1

Jesus as a Boy

We have begun our countdown to Easter.  Week 1 is done, 12 weeks to go!  It was a tough week for us to start, as we were still wrapping up our Christmas holidays.  We only slipped in a couple of activities before the end of our week.


We began our story learning by reading from one of our many children's Bible story books.  This is a children's study Bible that we really enjoy.  The pictures are fun.  Each book of the Bible gets a child friendly introduction and the stories are told by people who were part of them.  The boys really enjoy reading this Bible as well.

As we discussed and reviewed the story, the boys ripped paper for a project.  

Once we finished reviewing and ripping paper, we talked about the letter "b".  B is for boy and Jesus was a boy.  We practiced the sound of the letter.  The boys used school glue to make the shape of the letter with their torn paper pieces.  


Next week's story: Jesus Baptism.


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