Friday, January 11, 2013

The Gift of Water

Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that we have free and easy access to free and drinkable water?  A while back I stood, watching my sons drink from water fountains in a store and thinking about how incredible it is that we have water available in public places for anyone to use any time they want a drink.

We talk about not getting enough water, and it's true - we need a lot of water.  We carry it in our purses, buy it at the store, add flavoring to it, and so much more.  Water is a part of our culture.  It is a big part of who we are every day.  There are some people that don't have access to this amazing gift though.  We all know it.  We have seen pictures, and heard stories.  Maybe you have even taken part of an initiative to build wells to help people who don't have this life-giving staple.

This photo comes from a blog called "Threads Apart".  We have seen the pictures.  How do you feel when you see images of mothers, grandparents, small children, even entire villages that do not have access to clean drinking water?  These people are subject to disease, starvation, and death.  Do you get angry for them?  We carry water in our purses!  Why can't we help these people get access to clean water?

Last night, while surfing Facebook, I found the picture below.  It had a link to information about "LifeStraw".  This personal water filter claims to remove 99.99% of bacteria from water and it's only $25 on Amazon!  It works for up to 1000L of water - which is presumably enough for 1 person for 1 year.  Some people suggested finding a way to help people in third world nations get access to clean water by distributing products like this.  Why is this difficult?  Why am I not actively taking part?  "Finances are tight right now".  Trust me, I say that plenty - but we HAVE finances.  There has to be a way I can help others to access clean water, even if it seems too small, if one family can be helped by my efforts, it is worth it!

As I read the comments about this picture, I was disturbed.  More than that, I was angry.  One man said, "Although innovative, the last thing we need is to keep the third world alive... Give em cocaine, AIDS, and machine guns instead. K, thanks."  This is not the kind of thing people say jokingly.  Wow.  Can you imagine having so much fear and hatred toward others that you wish to kill them off?  I prayed for this man last night. I wanted to "friend" him on Facebook and lash out at him for his ignorance, for his hatred, for the evil that he was spewing.  

I want to make a difference to families who are unable to help themselves.  Today I am looking for clean water initiatives to support.  Will you join me?  Do you already support a clean water initiative?  Please leave links in the comment box below.  Let us love one another.

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