Sunday, January 6, 2013

Children's Museum Adventure

We love to adventure with the boys - especially when our adventures include an educational element.  This week he had the opportunity to visit the children's museum in Indianapolis.  The boys LOVE the hands-on exhibits.  They wore themselves out exploring our great big world.  I love watching them learn and greatly look forward to them getting a little older so they can take more time reading and understanding the fantastic displays!

Here is a peek at our adventure this week:

 The Dinosphere is an incredibly cool experience with life sized dinosaur skeletons!  There are computerized simlations, an archeology digging area, costumes and play eggs, toy dinosaurs and so much more.  We had to visit this area first - all 5 of the "big" kids insisted.

Manasseh got to touch a REAL dinosaur bone.  Many of the displays are models, and he was excited to have the opportunity to put his hands on a real bone from a real dinosaur.  That is big stuff for a 4 year old (or a 34 year old).

All 6 Poppy's Posse members: Princess, Bugman, Spaceman, $, Moo, and Scout.   They had a blast together (they usually do).


Princess said her favorite area was "Jolly Days" - the seasonal exhibit.   The boys, therefore, also said it was their favorite.  They liked climbing, fishing, skating, and taking care of the reindeer.  I got a kick out of my guys, Spaceman (above) found a bucket in the reindeer room and decided he should milk the reindeer.  His brother, naturally followed suit.

The Hot Wheels exhibit was pretty cool too.  the boys loved playing with the cars, especially the large ones they cold climb inside.  In the picture above, Cassius had enough of waiting for a turn and climbed inside on top of Bugman's lap so he could drive.


We stayed for just under 6 hours.  My boys were exhausted.  Scout fell asleep in the Hot Wheels exhibit and missed the end of the day.  The other boys fell asleep before we were out of Indianapolis.

I give the Indianapolis Children's Museum 5 stars for their hands on activities and family friendliness.  Parking is free.  There are food options in the museum, however they are more pricey than I like.  We brought a sack lunch and ate it in the van.     The museum is very clean and offers hand sanitizers in many locations.  Although the restrooms are very heavily used, they were always clean when we used them (with 6 kids we used the restroom quite a bit).


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