Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flat Diaper Challenge Day 3 - completed!

Whew - Day 3 was a long one.  We had appointments and coffee dates and a trip to the library.  I was concerned about changing the flats in public places, I don't know why it's any different from home, it just seems to be.

I had no problems with leaks.  At one point the bottom on Cracker's shorts was wet, but I think he sat in his brother's accident (yuck).  I changed Crackers in the coffee shop restroom with no trouble and again in the back of the van - that was not quite as easy, he was wiggly and there's just not a lot of room there.

Overall?  Not a bad day out with flats.  I was a little worried too about running out of diapers because they hadn't all dried overnight the night before -we did okay with what we had though!

I dried 4 diapers overnight last night and added a box fan in the room where they were drying (inside because of storms) - everything was dry this morning.

Today's challenge: Babysitters!


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