Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flats & Handwashing: Day 6!

Wow, so my tactic of waiting as long as possible before washing the diapers last night was not the best one.  I did have 1 fully dry this morning in addition to the diaper that was still unused... but my covers were damp still (I only brought 3 of the 4 covers I have used for this challenge.

Crackers has decided that he's not done with teasing me and filled his pants more today, I was able to wash that diaper immediately and get it outside.  I'm so glad it's a nice enough day to put them outside!

I put Monkey in a disposable again last night since we are at Nana and & Poppy's house and I don't want his toddler urine to get into the pack'n'play where he sleeps here... (they've got a stash of sposies in the bathroom closet).

1.5 days left.. we're going to make it, still going strong.  Tomorrow we get to take flats to church - have fun nursery workers, mwahahahaha


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