Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prayer Challenge

A week ago our pastor challenged us to commit to praying for our needs morning and night for 30 days and watching what God does in our lives.  We've got plenty of needs.. doesn't everyone?

I decided to take him up on this challenge.  I listed 2 needs for our family and 3 needs for friends and am committed to praying specifically for those 5 things at least twice a day, for the next 30 days.

Results?  Right, it's only been a week.  BUT... The first thing on my list was for my husband to get a new job that would allow him to be at church with us on the weekends and would be closer to home (his current job is about 25 miles away).  I committed to praying for this on Sunday.

On Monday morning, Randy sent a resume to a non-profit company that makes books available to the public.  He got a response quickly stating that their openings had been filled, but they would be glad to keep his resume on file.

On Monday afternoon, Randy got a call, asking if he would be available for an interview on Tuesday, because someone who was supposed to start had some personal tragedy and had been unable to start that day.

On Tuesday, Randy had an hour long interview and tour of the facility.

On Wednesday, we waited.

On Thursday, we waited.

On Friday, we found out that Randy gets the job.. and it's what I had been praying for.  He'll be home with us on the weekends, and in the evenings, AND it's less than 5 miles from home.

Now there are other details to work out, but we'll get there.

Wow, God is good!

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  1. hmm, I guess I'm still feeling bad about this other individuals personal tradegy. I find it hard to celebrate a personally wonderful event when I know it came at another's expense. I would hope that this particular answered prayer is the result of an unjust universe (some one elses personal tradegy is your gain) rather than your prayers, other wise I'm not seeing how this fits with a just and loving God..