Friday, May 27, 2011

Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 4- Babysitters & poop

Wow, Crackers was really nice to the babysitters today.  He was scheduled to have 2 different sitters (one didn't end up happening)... but he didn't poo at all while they were watching/supposed to watch him.  Lucky ladies didn't even get the opportunity to change flats. 

I took some time to show the babysitter how to use the flats.  I folded them up so they would fit inside a cover just like a liner, super easy to slip him into if he messed.  I felt pretty good about that and the babysitter didn't seem too concerned either. 

Crackers decided to hold his poo until we went to McDonalds (thanks).. then again until bedtime.. and at bedtime the fold I was using did not hold the poo.  It didn't come out of the cover but what a mess inside... I don't think I'll use that fold again!

Overnight he is using an old receiving blanket.  This is the first time he's used it and it's a little smaller than the other pieces of fabric I've been using.  We'll see if it holds up!


  1. What type of fold did you use overnight? Does it have a name or did you make it up? I still say you need to try the origami fold. It's my favorite. :)

  2. I'm still making up the same fold I've been using. Show me the origami fold tomorrow and I'll try it out... ugh, I hope my diapers are dry by then.