Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flat Diapers, day 2... a little late

See that incredibly cool diaper?  It's one of daddy's old work shirts.  See, Randy started a new job yesterday, so he doesn't need his nasty old t-shirts anymore!  That means NEW FLATS!!!

Okay, so what about day 2.  It was different from day 1 for a couple of reasons.  
#1 we used 2 new "diapers" - daddy's "Mosh" shirt (pictured), and his "I know what you're thinking" shirt.
#2 we tried out some disposable liners.  I've NEVER tried disposable liners before so this was a learning experience.  What I like about them: They mean I don't have so much poo to clean out of the diaper.  What I don't like: I'm not used to thinking about them so I forget quite regularly.

On day 2 I decided not to wash after every 2 diapers like I did on day 1.  I waited until bed time and washed them all at once.  This was nice and saved me from several short sessions of washing in the tub.  The problem?  They weren't completely dry this morning.. ugh.

Today is our first day out of the house in flats.  We've got coffee with a friend this morning and a speech evaluation for my monkey just after noon.  A new challenge on this new day!


  1. I wouldn't have even thought to use a t-shirt like that as a flat. That's a good idea!

  2. Hey there! Saw your blog from the DDL Linky. I love that you're using t-shirts as flats. I wanted to share this link I found a while ago about a t-shirt diaper fold. It's a fold that folds down the neckline. But I like your fold that has the logo on the butt. Super cute! :)

  3. Thanks for the link Elissa, I'll check it out. The t-shirt was kind of a fun idea that I saw somewhere else and wanted to try it, a different fold would be fantastic!