Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mommy Lesson #1: Preschoolers & Potties

Okay, so I KNOW this... I really do... and yet...

Here's the essence of this lesson:
Don't ever... EVER go outside while your 2 year old is on the potty "making a big poop". 

The story?  Okay, so Monkey is pretty much potty trained, he has night time accidents and once in a while he has them during the day, but he hasn't pooped in his pants in months, and I like that.  Every night we have a struggle with him, he just has a hard time getting calmed down.  Frequently he uses needs to have a bowel movement just after bed time, and it's legitimate.. he really goes.

Tonight was no different.  He had to potty, daddy let him go (I was at the grocery)... I got home, he announced that he was making a big poop... daddy went outside to take care of some things in the yard... I stepped outside to sweep off the porch while he finished his work in the bathroom.  No problem, the door was open, I could hear him through the screen.

I hollered in to see if he was done, he didn't answer - that's a bit unusual.  So I put the broom down and stepped inside to check on him.  I found my sweet son bent over on the bathroom floor with the roll of toilet paper at his feet, trying to clean poop off of the floor.  Ugh.  As I got closer, I noticed it was not merely on the floor, but all over the seat, on the wall, on a tub toy that had gotten on the floor, the shower mat which was rolled up by the potty...

Oh my... mama kept her calm and cleaned up the Monkey, then put him in a diaper (no underwear tonight since he's displayed he has a belly ache)... and grabbed the disinfecting wipes... THEN when Mr. Preschooler continuously refused to go back to bed.. well.. mama lost her cool.. Monkey cried...

So, now you know.. never ever ever leave your 2 year old alone while he is on the potty!


  1. Carmen here... I can understand that lesson. A friend of mine had to learn another lesson related to potty training. She took her kids to a home improvement store to get something from the plumbing section. The 2 year old, who wasn't quite potty trained was wandering around with her mom in the display area. Her mom was having a conversation with the home improvement dudes. A few minutes into the conversation and she hears her daughter say, "Mommy! Mommy! I go pee!". It was a display toilet, and her daughter hopped right on and took a pee right there in the middle of the store!

  2. HAHA! I thought that only happened in movies!

  3. -Carmen: WOW! That literally made me laugh out loud.

    -Jen: Aww it happens :o( I wonder why he has issues going to bed at night. I'm sorry that happened.

  4. I think Blogger just ate my last comment!

    Here's the short version: THANK YOU for sharing this! My little guy is just about at the point where I don't have to stay in the bathroom every single second he's on the toilet. Maybe I'll just stay in there a little longer! Just think of your experience as a learning opportunity for all of us who are just a few months behind you. Call it a random act of kindness!!

  5. LOL. He does well on his own.. mostly... but then there are those days... ugh. Also, he likes to play in the nice bowl of water, YUCK!