Thursday, May 26, 2011


Does anyone have great solutions for toddler fears of thunder?

Monkey is TERRIFIED.  I don't know where the fear came from.  It's never bothered him before this week, and we've had a lot of it.

Our attempts to soothe him:
#1 hugs and assurance
#2 reading the "Bible Book" story about Jesus calming storms
#3 pointing out when the first storm was over and saying thank you to Jesus
#4 more hugs, talking about being safe, running to the van in the storm with 50+ pounds of toddler in my arms
#5 watching the storm, talking about how neat the lightening is and listening to the loud thunder
#6 playing instruments to be louder than the thunder...

So far the instruments have worked best, it distracted him for a little while... then when he was done with instruments he was back to the fear...


  1. super cute picture... we've just talked about how awesome storms are a lot... dance to the "music" of storms... we LOVE storms... try loving them yourself and see how he responds :)

  2. Before I read what you had tried, my first thought was doing what we do - play drums. Since thunder sounds so much like drums, it's almost like a duet. And, whenever I see a flash of lightning, I make a big deal out of getting excited and shushing everyone so we can hear the thunder. I think that, by seeing my excitement, Little Guy gets excited, too.

    I hope this passes quickly for you!

  3. Randy and I enjoy the storms, that makes it even more confusing that he's developed this sudden fear... He's also suddenly afraid of loud cars... so I think it might be just about the noises... we'll work through it!