Wednesday, May 25, 2011


ER... holy storm!... I seriously turned on the radio to find out if I might be driving under a tornado warning.  CRAZY rain and then the hail started.  When I was sitting at the stop light my van was shaking like it had teenagers bouncing around in the back seat.  The wind was blowing the stoplights almost sideways and the trees were going crazy... it was as white as any whiteout I've been in, but usually they're snow!  YIKES!  So glad we made it to the library safely and can rest here until Randy gets off work in half an hour.

Side note: Monkey is TERRIFIED of thunder.  We had some trouble with it 2 nights ago, that was the first time he ever noticed it... he couldn't sleep much that night.  Last night we went outside while it was sprinking, it thundered, and he bolted inside.  Today, we walked out of his speech testing and it thundered at us, he turned and tried to run up the double set of stairs to get back in... his eyes were wild, he was as scared as I've ever seen a person.  I caught the poor guy by his shirt and he just shook and cried... then it thundered again and I think I about lost him!  I had to carry both of the boys through the pouring rain to our van (which was not conveniently located in a guest space - because they don't have those there.. but they do have several rows of staff parking that guests have to walk through, ugh).


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