Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flat Diapers Challenge: Day 7 - I blame my sister

Yep, I blame my sister - My This N That Life - (we call her Elizabeth).

See, yesterday she had to stop handwashing because her little guy, Stinky, had some nasty belly issues... then he seemed better, so she brought him over for dinner.  I held him, I loved on him... and guess what?  Overnight I got the icky belly.

What's this mean for the Flats Challenge?  It means that I don't want to be handling my kids much today because I want to make sure they don't have the same problems - I don't clean up puke well and I don't want them to have to deal with the OTHER stuff...

SOOOO... Daddy is in charge of diapering Crackers.  I don't know for sure what he'll do, but I have my doubts about flats, he definitely won't be handwashing any diapers!

I made it 6.5 days (because I started early).


  1. Okay...TOTALLY not your sister's fault! Or Stinky's. That would have to have been some POTENT virus to hit you guys in less than 6 hours! Nope. We're not taking credit.

    As for the challenge...We're still in flats. We made it the whole 7 days in flats! And tomorrow morning I will be washing today's diapers. I'll be handwashing them and hanging them on the line. That means that, aside from about 6 hours worth of diapers yesterday, I will have completed the challenge. I feel pretty good about that!

  2. yeah well, you were up for changing them - Randy.. not so much