Monday, May 2, 2011

Mommy Lesson #2: The food "experts" are right

To sum it up:  Listen to the wisdom of the "so called experts".

The story:
Monkey is a picky eater.  He hasn't always been this way, when he was just learning to eat, he loved all foods equally.  For some reason he decided that he did not have to eat all foods anymore and became VERY selective with what he would eat.

Monkey's mom is stubborn.  I continued to feed him what the rest of the family was eating for meals.  I always make sure there's SOMETHING that I think he'll eat (although I'm not always right).  So far, he hasn't starved.  He's remained finicky.. but.. we're making some headway!

A month or two ago I was eating turkey on a sandwich and he wanted to try it.  Guess what - he liked it.  So he's eating turkey once in a while now.  A couple of weeks ago he did the grocery shopping with daddy and they got frozen broccoli and cheese.  As soon as they got home he wanted to eat broccoli & cheese.. and he liked it.. and wanted more.  Tonight in our stir fry there was broccoli.. with no cheese... and he ate it.. and he wanted more!

I think we're working through some of that pickiness and starting to deal with new foods again!

Hooray, thanks food experts.


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