Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tuesdays are hard on my little men, and sometimes hard on mama's patience.  Monkey gets both speech therapy and developmental therapy to address some delays - both of these nice women come to play with him on Tuesdays.  He really enjoys therapy time, it's all play to help him reach some goals - but it wears him out.  Being tired makes life, well.. cranky.  And if he doesn't nap after speech therapy he doesn't participate well in DT.  Right now, he's cranky and wants daddy and doesn't want a nap.

Mama's patience is thin.

Every other Tuesday, Crackers has physical therapy.  (I suspect he'll be done with that soon as he's pretty well caught up with his peers).  His schedule is off because his therapist comes in the middle of the day - when he usually has nap.  So he's sitting in his bed and singing while the other boys are trying to go to sleep (or not trying to).  He's grumpy because he wants to be up playing - he took a morning nap today to prepare for his visit.  Crackers will have a strenuous therapy session, then get a second nap.

I also have our friend The Roamer on Tuesdays.  (This is the last week for about a month).  Therapists like to work with kids individually, so I've got to find creative ways to keep whichever boys are not currently in therapy entertained while I participate with the other in therapy.

This tends to be the day that the boys watch a lot of television.  I don't really like that about Tuesdays, I'm having a hard time figuring out other ways to entertain 2 toddlers while the 3rd is getting special attention - any advice?


  1. video games work well... jk :) that's a tough one... do they enjoy blocks? coloring? looking at books? is there a room that you can put them in and not worry about things breaking or them getting hurt and just putting a bunch of toys in there and let them have at it... see how it works. good luck!

  2. Video games, you're funny.. my kids don't know what those are! I tend to put them in the spare room and turn on the tube... but I hate doing that, I wouldn't mind them being int there if they had another activity