Thursday, September 29, 2011

35 weeks and counting...

Tomorrow I will officially be at 35 weeks!
Last week I shared about the doctor's concerns - baby's got some swelling, I've got extra fluid, and my blood sugars have been fairly uncontrollable.  Today we went back to the doctor for a check up.  

Here is the latest news:
Baby doesn't have any additional swelling.
Mama doesn't have any additional "extra" fluid.
Mama's blood sugars are looking a lot better.
Still measuring at full term.
I've gained 3 more pounds.

The doctor did NOT push the idea of a C-section today.  I was concerned that she would push it and insist on scheduling.
She has changed us to visiting with her twice a week (which means we get to drive to the north side of town 3 days a week now - hoorah).
She still wants him to be earlier than 40 weeks, but is not concerned yet about MAKING that happen.

I've had a lot of contractions today, she did not check me to see if I was dilated at all, she said she'll do that Monday.  

My plan? To take a warm bath, get some pictures in my Belevation underpants, and sleep (probably in my recliner).

Then wake up and take my boys on a play date, do some work at the church, get everyone's bags ready for baby day.  Then, if it's nice out, go walk the zoo!


  1. Wonderful news!!!
    Both of my guys were born at 36 weeks and were just fine. Sounds like your Dr. is happy with things and probably suspects you won't make it to a C-section date, anyway. With how busy you are (I swear, I'd be dead on my feet by 2pm on your schedule), I doubt you will too! Can't wait to see a "On our way to the hospital" update!

  2. We'll have the computers with us all the time at the hospital updating on FB and probably some on here. Crackers was 36-37 weeks (and 8lb 12oz).. This guy will be big too.. I plan to wait until Monday to have him so I can get some maternity pictures taken on Sunday ;)

  3. well I'm glad you are doing better! Thats great!