Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mommy Lesson #9: Expect to wait

Moral: Be prepared for doctors visits to take MUCH longer than you expect.

Today my Crackers had 2 doctors appointments with different specialists, in a town about 2 hours south of us.  I took the boys to my parent's house yesterday afternoon so we wouldn't have as far to drive today - it also gave us a good excuse to visit family!

We got to Indianapolis only slightly early (I like to be at  least half an hour early for these appointments).  I found the right parking garage so I could ride the people mover between the 2 hospitals... yep, the 2 appointments were in different hospitals, go figure.  We hopped on the people mover and I groaned as I saw the time on their clock said "9:30"... I was late, already!

I made it to the first hospital at 9:37 (according to the clock in ophthalmology).  Whew!  We had a super quick visit with the doctor and were back on the people mover before 10:30.  Crackers loved standing on the seat and staring out the window over Indianapolis as we moved through town.  It was fun to watch him enjoy the scenes.

We got back to the other hospital (where we had parked) with a lot of time to spare.  We were assisted by a friendly "redcoat" named Marc.  He helped us find the "skywalk" to get from the hospital to the hospital tower - why do they make these big hospitals so complicated?  We found our way across and figured out where the doctor's office was.

We were in the office at 11:00 for our 11:40 appointment.  I felt good about that, it meant we could get in early and get on the road, where we would quickly meet up with Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama to give her something cool.

NOT GONNA HAPPEN LIKE THAT - oi.  We didn't leave the neurologist until after 1pm, then had to wait for this boy to pee in a bag (did I mention he hadn't eaten since 8am?) .  So tired, hungry cranky Crackers and I waited and waited until almost 3, they took the bag off and said maybe there would be enough, they aren't sure - we should know in a week or so.

Oh my.

Crackers was asleep before we got out of the parking garage!  He had "lunch" in the car after we picked his brother up, around 5.

Next time: I bring snacks and don't plan to meet up with anyone!


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