Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Swaddlekinz: Review & Giveaway

Did you know I'm pregnant?  If you don't know that, you haven't been reading my blog very long.  Since I'm pregnant, I'm always on the lookout for great baby products to share with my readers.

Recently I learned about Swaddlekinz blankets.  These are amazing and I can't wait to use the "brightest orange, light green circles" blanket on baby Azariah.

Why am I so excited about this particular blanket?

I have never used a "nursing cover" with my boys - I've always just used a blanket.  In fact, I've used "Nana's Magic Blanket" - this is a thick fleece blanket that all of my mom's grandkids get when their born.  It's fantastically soft and lovable.. but in the spring and summer it gets HOT!  Swaddlekinz blankets are light weight because they're made of muslin, which is very breathable.  This blanket will be PERFECT for spring and summer nursing!

Crackers loved to be swaddled.  He went to sleep with just swaddling and a pacifier until he was about 9 months old.  He's a January baby, so that means that all summer last year, he was swaddled.  We used a double thick flannel blanket that had been specially made for him.  It was great in the colder months, but when we went on vacation to North Carolina in June, it was miserable.  My poor baby HAD to be swaddled in this thick flannel blanket in order to sleep and it was 80+ degrees outside.  Yuck!
Again, muslin is breathable and will be much more comfortable for baby in the summer months.  I plan to swaddle Azariah as well.  The size of this blanket is perfect for swaddling any baby - it will be easy to fold when he's newborn, and if he still wants to be swaddled when he's 2, it should work.  (I tried it on 20 month old Crackers - he got really mad, but it worked).

Monkey chose the teal stripes, Crackers has the purple stripes
Truthfully, my boys love blankets, especially soft ones.  The day Azariah's blanket arrived, Monkey came downstairs, saw the blanket, and curled up next to me on the couch, snuggling the blanket.  Muslin is a material that gets softer the more it's washed - I tested this by washing 1 multiple times, another 2 times, and a third not at all.  They feel so nice on the skin that it's hard to resist snuggling in the Swaddlekinz blanket.

My boys like comfort objects, they're just at the ages where they become attached to certain things.  Their Swaddlekinz blankets have become especially dear to them in the car - we have to keep them with us and they are very particular about which blanket belongs to which boy.  They're not super thick, so I don't have to worry about the boys overheating, but on days (like today) when preggo mama has to turn up the air conditioning and they complain about being cold - they can cover up and keep some warmth!

Monkey is playing "turtle", Crackers is wrestling
Oh my goodness - Monkey is full of imagination right now and Crackers follows right along with his imaginary games.  It is so much fun and the Swaddlekinz blankets have sparked a HOST of games and fun imaginary play.  A few of our great fun uses have included playing "turtle" - a game Monkey learned from his 6 year old cousin Little Lout over the summer.  Crackers thinks that "turtle" is a great excuse for wrestling.
Swaddlekinz make AMAZING capes for flying off of just about anything.  Monkey loves to fly (that's good since he loves to climb, right?)

These make great forts and tablecloths, changing pads, and play mats.  Swaddlekinz truly grow with your children.  

During the month of September, Swaddlekinz is donating $2 from every single blanket sold, and $5 from every 3 pack to CURE Childhood Cancer Foundation.  
They will also be participating in the blogger raffle to benefit CURE Childhood Cancer Foundation's cause.  Tickets for the raffle are only $10 each and 2 sets of Swaddlekinz will be included in the giveaway.

Don't hesitate to buy these fantastic muslin blankets right now for your next baby, or your next baby shower.  I am certain that you know someone who would benefit from a Swaddlekinz blanket or blanket set.  Single blankets are $12 and 3 packs are only $30!

The generous folks at Swaddlekinz have offered to send a 3 pack of blankets to one of my readers!  This giveaway will be open to readers in the US and Canada.  The winning entry will be chosen at random on Monday, September 26 12:01 AM.


  1. Swaddling is a tradition that is passed down generation to generation in the Middle East.
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  2. I learned that you can swaddle a baby for 7 months! Didn't even know that was possible-but I love it! :)

  3. Sounds great!!!! I am going to try these with swaddling for baby #3...hoping I will get a good sleeper yet!!!!

  4. Monkey didn't like being swaddled, I don't think I did it right though. Crackers loved it, I couldn't believe how much easier he was to put to sleep. Good luck!

  5. My littlest LOVES his muslin blankets...they go everywhere with him! Love finding another company that makes them!

  6. Learned Swaddling babies with muslin cotton was a tradition passed down from generation to generation in the Middle East

  7. I never knew that they swaddled babies in the Middle East! It makes sense that they would want a lightweight blanket in that kind of heat...

  8. I never knew Swaddling babies with muslin cotton was a tradition passed down from generation to generation in the Middle East

  9. Her mom swaddled her for 6 months and she swaddled her son for 7 months.

  10. I learned swaddling was a tradition in the middle east!
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  11. I learned that you can swaddle up until 7 months! I swaddled my daughter up until about 4 until she just fought it too much!

  12. I learned that there is a page on their website that teaches your how to swaddle.


  13. I learned that the owner swaddled her son for 7 months!

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  16. I learned that when your baby is finished being swaddled, they'll let you know.

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  22. Swaddlekinz swaddle blankets are woven from the best muslin cotton.


  23. I learned that it is a breathable blanket that can be used for more than swaddling your baby


  24. I learned you can swaddle a baby for 6/7 months...my little one would never had allowed that! He hated it from the get go! :)
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  27. That they swaddled babies in the middle east and you can swaddle up to 7 months!!


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