Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On the ball

Oi, I have not been on the ball lately.  I am not the cute, jolly pregnant lady I remember being before and I can't figure out where those ladies come from!  Mr. Crum says that I was that person when i was pregnant with Monkey, and still some with Crackers - but this time, wow - I just hurt and am tired.

I'm not sharing this because I want a pity party - if I wanted that I'd tell you all sorts of other things ;p

I'm struggling right now to keep up with the house work, and the blog, well it's fallen behind the housework, so I'm off schedule.  I have several fantastic reviews and giveaways to share with my readers, as well as some fun pictures and stories.  I just need to get to it.  Hopefully I can catch up with a few of the house details this week and get back on the ball with blogging.

Actually, truthfully, I'll probably try and catch up with a couple of late posts today .. because my back is super super achy and I don't want to be bending and lifting and cleaning!

33weeks, 5 days today.


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