Monday, September 12, 2011

Belevation: Review & Giveaway

I am pregnant and I have a big belly
That is my confession for the night.  
2 months to go, does this belly scare anyone else?
Did you know that it hurts to have a big belly?  I'm about 31 weeks right now and I've already gained about 35 pounds.  I feel huge.  My great aunt asked the other day if I was having twins.  I'm not.

I'm not small anyway, so when you take a body that's already overweight, and add 35+ pounds.. yikes!  I often am short of breath, sore in my belly muscles, achy in my back, my legs hurt, etc.  Basically, I feel pregnant.

I have never used maternity "support" before, it hasn't really been necessary with my other pregnancies.  This time though, I've noticed a need for some extra support.  I have had the privledge to try a belly band by Belevation.
I feel fully supported and ready to conquer the world - too bad it's almost bed time.
I LOVE using this support.  The belly band by Belevation makes me feel secure even when I am wearing loose fitting clothes, like shorts.  My abdomen does not feel nearly as sore at the end of the day when I've worn the belly support as it does on days that I go without.  I think one reason this band is so comfortable is that it supports me from below my belly to the top of my belly.  I feel supported in my front and my back! 

Belevation's maternity supports are seamless, so they don't leave marks or sore areas due to rubbing.  They come in 3 colors and in multiple sizes.  Even with my heavier body, I fit comfortably in the belly support.  
My butt looks huge.. the point here is that my back is fully supported as well as my belly.
I have to admit, I did consider maternity supports when I was about 7 months pregnant with Crackers, I looked at the prices, however, and turned away.  They were way too expensive for me to seriously consider at that point.  Belevation's belly bands are not as expensive as the ones I found 2 years ago, in fact the prices start at only $18 each.  


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  2. I would love to win! I really hope I win! I haven't tried this. I just found out about it today but I would love it for my next pregnancy! Thank you so much!

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