Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh what a night!

First of all, I must thank Mr. Crum for bringing home a Milky Way bar - he is amazing.

Now, to my post....

Do you ever have one of those days, or nights in this case, where things just don't go as planned?

It was SO one of those nights for me.  

Here was the plan:
4:00 - Shower
4:30 - Make Dinner
7:00 - Church
9:00 - Put the kids to bed, do dishes & laundry
10:00 - Relax until Mr. Crum comes home from his Man Group

Sounds fairly simple and straight forward, right?

Well... Here's what happened:

4:00 - Mr. Crum came home (half an hour later than normal), we sat on the front porch while the boys played, Mr. Crum talked to his dad on the phone
4:30 - Shower.  Okay - so here's more personal information you don't want to know - I've now gained 45 pounds during this pregnancy - my underwear don't fit right... they hurt.. I whined and begged Mr. Crum to go buy some new ones "real quick" before church.  He did, he's amazing.  (he also bought that Milky Way bar).
5:30 - Mr. Crum gets home, I've got the boys dressed but am waiting on my new "merchandise" so I can finish getting ready to go.  We quickly finish getting ready and load everyone into the van
6:00 - right, see - we haven't had dinner yet.  We stop at Chipotle for dinner, Monkey is in heaven, he LOVES their kids meals - I love that my boys eat healthy when we go there.  Good food, good fun.
6:45 - Arrive at church, great class time.
8:50 - Leave church with very tired boys hoping they fall asleep on the way home (they don't).
9:15 - Put the boys in bed, Crackers screams, Monkey whines, Mr. Crum goes in search of the Allen Wrench because Crackers has been working the side of his crib loose.
9:30 - I need to empty myself, while I sit by the window in the bathroom (yep, our pot is by the window, I wrote about that earlier) I hear a cat outside.  It sounds like Farlow - our 14 year old cat that disappeared almost 2 weeks ago - I go outside and look around - I find a skinny version of Farlow.. well, it's actually him, bring him inside and give him food and some love.
9:45 - Crackers is still screaming, I try rocking him, giving him tylenol, singing, reading, giving him water... no avail, no idea what's wrong either - but he has started grabbing at his feet. Strange.  Monkey can't sleep because he's excited about the cat, and also his brother is screaming and he's concerned about what's wrong.
10:00 - I'm supposed to be relaxing now.  It's not happening.  I try giving Crackers some cereal, it doesn't help for long.  He's back to screaming and definitely in pain.
10:30 - Mr. Crum gets Monkey settled into our bed, Crackers is on my back in a carrier, I start to work on dishes.  Monkey gets excited about the cat too now, "Kitty Cat, Meow"
10:45 - Mr. Crum takes over dishes (thank you)! I sit down and hold Crackers tight, rocking and singing while he screams at me for the next 20 minutes.
11:07 - Crackers is silent, he's finally asleep.  I'm afraid to put him down.  Eventually I scoot him onto the love seat next to me.

11:52 - yep, that's right now - Crackers is sleeping on the love seat, Monkey is in my bed, Mr. Crum has done laundry and dishes, he's taken out the trash and now he's relaxing, watching a funny video online... I'm terrified that if I move Crackers, he'll wake up - and if I don't, he'll roll off the love seat.

Good night~

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  1. Yay for lost kitties that return home! My little fluffy guy disappeared a little over a month ago and I've finally given up hope :(

    The rest... I'm so sorry. If you want to look at it from a different perspective: You've made me very grateful for my evenings. They're hectic, but nothing like yours!

    I know, not what you need, but just wanted to make you aware of the good you're doing by sharing this stuff!