Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You probably don't want to know this

Our bathroom has a window, right next to the toilet.  It's at about chest level for adults.  This means that when I'm sitting on the pot, trying to do well.. anything I do on the toilet... I can look outside and see the NIPSCO man who is walking by to read the gas meter.  Or the neighbor kids running between houses.... today it's the man that owns the house next door.  He's working on replacing some of their windows - I don't really WANT to be friendly with these people while I'm trying to use the restroom...

We do have a blind on our bathroom window, and a fan in the lower part of the window.. I don't think anyone can see me if they're looking over here.. but.. oi - we need a new solution to this bathroom window thing!

Aren't you glad you read that post?


  1. My mom talks about a house she lived in before she had kids that had a window that was chest level with the SHOWER. They had blinds that stayed closed, but she said she'd be mid-shower and that window would cross her mind and she'd get the heebie jeebies anyway. I'm glad my bathroom has no windows - lol.

  2. Lol, I lived in in apartment for a while that had a window chest high IN the shower... it wasn't a big deal because we were on the 2nd floor... or at least, it wasn't a big deal until they started working on the roof of the church next door! We stapled a towel over the window.