Monday, September 26, 2011


And the list goes on...

It's been on our list for a while, we needed to do some work on the roof over our entryway, we had noted that the front wall was showing some signs of moisture... earlier in the week (I think it's been in the last week) - the ceiling in our entry started to leak when it rained.  Tonight, when we got home from our nephew's birthday party, we noticed a much larger leak than was there previously... tonight, as I lay in my recliner asleep, I heard the leak turn into a flow and then.. instantly... the ceiling collapsed.

Here I am, 3am, with a "clean" floor, a steadily dripping ceiling, and buckets lined up in front of the door.  YUCK.  This is not the way I ever pictured living.  I know, it just happens sometimes, but I don't like it.  Now the cash that had been reserved for the chimney (which has bricks falling off of the outside) will first have to go to fixing the entryway.  We knew we would need to fix it soon, but hadn't quite gotten there yet.

I can't decide if I'm glad or annoyed that I'll be away for a couple of days to take care of some medical appointments for Crackers.  I hate that Mr. Crum will have to deal with some of this on his own.

We need help in a big way and can't afford to hire someone.  Praying for help to rise up out of our community to take care of this need.

The front door needs replaced (the core is rusted out).  The front wall  has water damage on the left side and needs to be addressed.
The screen door needs to be replaced, the frame is warped and it won't close, it's an old nasty door anyway.  We also need to put on a "pointy" roof above the entryway.

This is the ceiling prior to Mr. Crum's clean up effort.

The ceiling in its current condition.
And the floor... Poor Monkey cried tonight when it was just dripping into one bucket... "I don't want rain my house".  So glad he's asleep and doesn't see/hear this!


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