Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Minute Tasks

I've blogged about it before, here it is again.. My house just won't stay clean.  It drives me crazy and right now I lack the energy to try and keep up with the ridiculous amount of toys, papers, shoes, clothes, dishes, etc that find their way around our house.

Mr. Crum has really stepped up over the last couple of weeks and started to help out more and more so that I can relax a bit and not feel so stressed about the house.

However, it is still not clean.  

Tonight I decided to start a list - I like lists.  This is a list of "2 minute tasks".  The things that I am avoiding, that would help with making the house feel better for being in, and are short, easy fixes.. like getting the folding chairs back to the basement, or the van seat back in the van (I can't do that one).  

So there it is - I've got a list of probably 20 things right now that need to get done and should take between 30 seconds and 10 minutes - short tasks that I can do with a burst of energy.

Do I think this will make me feel like my house is clean?  No.  I do, however, think that working on some 2 minute tasks will make me notice small differences in the way my house is cleaned an organized.

I intended to start on this list tonight and get a good portion of it done.  Mr. Crum, however, invited a friend over for dinner.  We are very glad to have Mr. Rhodes stop by and spend time with us.  He is welcome any time, and so are the rest of our friends.  I'll start working on the list on my own with some of the things I can do.