Saturday, September 24, 2011

The best $3.34

The best $3.34 I spent today was the price of the gas I used to go with my family to the nearest Lowe's store.  It's true!  Have you heard of the Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics?  These are free, yes FREE.. that's right, no cost to you.. workshops put on by Lowe's stores approximately twice a month.  

Lowe's recommends these clinics for elementary aged children.  We started doing them with Monkey just before his 2nd birthday.  Sometimes he loves doing them, sometimes he loves watching daddy build things.  Crackers has just started working on projects too.  

HERE'S WHAT YOU GET:  Each participant gets a FREE APRON, GOGGLES, PROJECT, and BADGE.  Yep, all of that stuff is free for attending the clinic.  I watched one little boy today walk in with his little apron completely covered in badges and he had a safety pin clipped to it with at least a dozen more badges.  These kids are proud of their projects!

My boys love the time to build, they like the hammering, the friendly staff, and best of all, they are proud of their projects.  Today we made fire trucks with working sirens.  You better believe that my boys carried their trucks EVERYWHERE today.  (I made Cracker's truck with a bit of help from him - I didn't follow directions as well as I should have - so 3 of his wheels came off. - he doesn't care).

We had a fun family time and my boys felt like they accomplished something.  Monkey is learning how to "read" pictorial directions.  Crackers is learning how to bang things with a hammer - and also that hammers feel really good on your sore teeth.

Thank you Lowe's for making these family memories possible.


  1. So much fun for everyone in our family! Can't beat the price either!