Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby update

Today I am 34 weeks, 1 day pregnant.

Baby Azariah's "official" due date has changed to 11/4/11.

Yesterday he was (according to the ultrasound) approximately 7lb 5 oz.

YIKES!  You read that right - 6 weeks to go and over 7 pounds!

My blood sugars have remained unstable throughout the pregnancy - I could speculate on why but it won't do anyone any good at this point.  I've gained 45 pounds (or more).  Right now I am uncomfortable a lot of the time and have semi-regular contractions when I do even a little bit of walking.

Baby Azariah appears to have some edema (swelling).  The doctor said that this can be related to issues with the  heart - heart troubles in infants are common among babies born to diabetics.  She is also concerned about the risk of strokes (due to Cracker's medical history).  

The doctor has informed us that if I go into labor at this point she will not stop it, in fact - she would be glad for that to happen sooner than later.  She would like to talk about scheduling a C-section.  I really would like to avoid a C-section.  I think that we will have to talk about it at our visit next Thursday though.  

She also let us know that she expects Azariah to spend some time in the NICU after he is born (due to the edema).  Blah.  I am not excited about the prospect of having a baby in the NICU.  I'm also not fond of the idea of a C-section.

Obviously, if that happens,  I will be taking a bit of a break from my "regular" work (babysitting, blogging, and church), so that I can be mommy to a sweet little boy.  It also means that we've got to figure out how we're going to care for Monkey and Crackers during the times that daddy has to work.  I know that they will be well cared for, just as Monkey was well cared for when Crackers was in the hospital for his first week.

Monkey is anxious about the baby - he knows the baby is coming "soon", and every time mommy goes ANYWHERE without him, he expects that I'll bring home baby Azariah.  He's pretty clingy a lot of the time right now.  Crackers is less stressed, he is also clingy right now though - I think that's more about his age and that he senses changes are coming.  They'll all do well as we prepare and transition into this next phase of our 5 person family.

Prayers for my health and the baby's are greatly appreciated.  Offers of help with child care or other help will be greatly appreciated when Azariah decides (or is scheduled) to appear.  I expect I'll keep updating friends and family through my blog and through Facebook over the next 6 weeks or so  as we step forward in this journey.


  1. Oh no! Prayers definitely go out for yours and baby's health! Take it easy as best you can!!