Monday, March 28, 2011

Beginning Bible: Gideon

I am changing the way I do my curriculum, in the past every activity has been focussed around our weekly Bible Story.  It's getting nice out and we want to be outside a lot more.  I'm still doing a lot of focus on the story and relating other "subjects" to the story as much as possible, but we're going to veer away from only learning through the Bible story for the time being.  The story of the week will continue to be a major daily focus though.

Story – Gideon
Pretend play with instruments
Pretend Play with little people
Make horns
Campfire craft
Letter G worksheet

Math concepts
Counting rocks
Sorting toy cars
MonkiSee Shapes video
Measuring while cooking

Nature Hike/Exploring
Planting Seeds
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Slicing banana


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