Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Velcro: My newest nemesis

Okay, so ... velcro... ugh.

I love cloth diapers, some of my current favorite have velcro tabs to hold them closed.  They're great for taking Crackers to the babysitter during Mom Time or small group.  They would be wonderful for grandma's house.  They're so convenient because they're pocket diapers, so you just have to use them like you would a disposable.  Nice.  Oh, and soft, did I mention that these are incredibly soft?

A couple of days ago the wise mama in our house decided to put Crackers in one of these fantastic diapers at nap time.  It was easy and available.  He often sleeps in only a diaper, this was the case on that fateful day.

Velcro... did I mention the velcro?
This diaper is NOT the culprit, in fact, I don't even own this brand.

When Monkey woke up, he went to visit Crackers in the crib - this is often the routine.  Monkey started yelling to me, "Mama, Ca-ee yucky, Ca-ee poop"... I didn't think anything of it, I knew he had pooped, I heard it.  I was going to get there in just a minute, I needed to finish something first.  Monkey was persistent, so I left my task and walked into Cracker's room to find him sitting on top of his open diaper.... with poop on his hands... and his face... grinning.


So, I looked around and spotted a towel that had not been put away after bath time the night before.  I picked Crackers up by the armpits, poop fell onto the bed, I quickly swiped it up with the diaper.  I gently wrapped poopy Crackers in the towel and took him down the stairs where I washed him and diapered him in a SNAP diaper.

I had already sent Monkey downstairs to wash his hands (which also had poop on them).  When I looked around after changing Crackers, I couldn't find the Monkey anywhere.  Oh no.. where had he gone?

Moments later I heard thuds on the stairs.  YIKES, he had been upstairs, I hope he wasn't in the poop again!

I looked around the corner toward the stairs and saw Monkey appear, diaper folded neatly in his little hands, and he walked directly into the bathroom toward the toilet, where he was planning to clean it up.

I love that he knew just how to help out.  Even better?  He didn't make a mess when climbing in and out of the crib with the diaper.  What a great little man.  Thanks for helping me defeat Velcro Diaper!


  1. Eww...what a mess! But how wonderful it was that you had help cleaning up...he might have done better and been more help that some Dad's out there! ha!

  2. Way to go, Monkey! Your disclaimer on the bumgenius is hilarious. I have to confess that I'm still a velcro junkie, but that may all change once Baby D is a little older! :-P

  3. I really love the way velcro fits.. sadly, I didn't learn from this event and yesterday we had a similar occurrence - only this time little Crackers wasn't in his bed and got poo all over the bedroom, yikes!