Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Should I feel guilty?

I babysit at 19 month old.  He does not eat for me, well - not much.  Today I gave him a quarter of a quesedilla, 2 pieces of pickle, and a third of a banana... he ate about half of the banana and probably will refuse snack.

I give him the same foods that I feed my boys (I try to keep their preferences in mind for lunch time)... the kid just doesn't want to eat.  His parents say he likes fruit and snack foods.  I won't serve my kids "snack foods" for lunch, and rarely for snack.

Should I feel guilty that he refuses to eat?  Should I feed him differently than I feed my own children?


  1. Don't worry about it, Jennifer. My 18 month old is in that stage, too. He only wants to eat oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, crackers and bacon. :) There are a couple of others things that he will eat as well, but those are his highest preferences. We just keep setting other things in front of him and sometimes he will actually eat it. If he doesn't, he goes hungry. That's what we are trying. It is frustrating when the child is a picky eater. I feel guilty often. But, I try to give him the healthiest options in some things that he will eat and I keep trying to introduce him to other foods. Good luck!

  2. I don't think that you should feel guilty, but I understand why you do. Are the parents aware of how little he's eating? Maybe you could sit down with the parents and come up with some things that they say he will eat and that you feel comfortable giving your kids for meals. Also, by introducing him to the new foods that your boys eat, maybe he'll eventually start to like more things.

    Unless he's super small and his size is a concern...I think he would eventually start to eat at least some of the things you offer once he's hungry enough.

    He's a lucky have you watching him. I'm sure you're doing a great job!

  3. A doctor once told me that young kids body's won't allow them to starve. If he is hungry he will eat. I babysat a little girl who was the same way. It took time and eventually she started eating what I gave her. Her parents were amazed at how many things she would eat compared to before I started watching her. Just keep doing what you are doing!

  4. See, he is underweight. For a couple of days they brought some extra foods with him that he likes, but on those days he actually ate what I served him, go figure. He loves fruit, but ate about 3 bites of his banana today. I actually wonder if he's just too tired by lunch time. We eat by 11 every day, and he just sits and stares. They told me he doesn't usually nap until 1 or 2 (ugh), but he naps as soon as I put him down here - right after lunch.

  5. The little boy that I watch is almost 2. His parents say that he doesn't nap at home in the morning, but at my house he BEGS for his blanket and to lay down between 10 and 10:30am. Then he still sleeps for his dad from about 2 to 3pm. I think it's because he plays harder here because of the other boys around. Maybe that's why your little guy is more sleepy too.

  6. If he's hungry he'll eat. It's not as if you are trying to feed him gross things. Maybe by different fruits but still things you'd feed your kids. I wouldn't stress it too much. Just mention it to the parents and see what they say.