Monday, March 21, 2011

The birth of creativity

I hope you love watching your kids as much as I love watching mine.  It is so amazing to see them grow and change before our very eyes!  It's wonderful and horrible all at once.  As my "baby" shifts from calling me "mama" to "mommy".  He becomes more and more independent every day!  This morning, he woke up, went to the bathroom, removed his diaper, and put on his underwear before trying to find out where I had gone.  I love that he's becoming a "big boy".

Over the last 2 weeks, this young man has had an amazing transformation.  He doesn't even know it has happened.  He has started to really dive into imaginary play.  Sure, he played with toys before, but now he's REALLY playing with them.  He likes to "cook" with the toy kitchen and "build" at the workbench.  A couple of days ago I caught his animals talking to each other, when little Elephant was asking Daddy Elephant to go to the store.  His play has changed so quickly and beautifully.  I just absolutely love it.

The other night as we were driving home from someplace, Monkey was tired and did not go to sleep.  He often sings when he wants to stay awake and started belting out the theme from one of his favorite television shows, "dinosaur train... dinosaur train... I wanna ride... the dinosaur train".  He loves it when we sing with him, so he stopped to have us join in.  Then was silent for a moment before grinned and said, "sing Dinosaur Truck, mama".  My boy has learned to change words in a song to make it his own.  Maybe that's silly to be excited about, but I just think it's incredibly cool that he has the ability to express some creativity.

That's it.. my boy's amazing.. like most other 2 year olds.. and he's awesome at playing. 


  1. Awww, that's so sweet! My little guy is only six months old, but it's already been so amazing to watch the emergence of his little personality. I'm really looking forward to when he's your boy's age and doing all those fun things!

  2. It's really so much fun to watch them at each stage - and our boys have been SO different from each other! (For example, Monkey was walking by the time he was 14.5 months.. Crackers, not so interested)